Welcome to the Tavern!

What's on your mind?

Write to hone your skills. Read to draw inspiration from others.

Every Monday the innkeeper gives everyone a writing prompt. You have to write an answer to it in 200 words or less. You can see what others have written, but only after you submit your write-up.

Answers disappear after a week.

On Sunday, the innkeeper puts the place in order for the next prompt. When the week is over, other people's prompts are no longer visible, leaving only a memory of a pleasant conversation with other writers.

Like someone's write-up? Give them some ale!

Ales are our likes. It's a tavern after all. 🍻

Likes don't make a write-up appear higher in the list, though. They're just a good gesture. Submissions are always ordered with the latest ones being on top.

What do we write about?

The meaning of life, irrational fears, time travel, love, AI, and many more. Every prompt is open enough so you can write a poem, a story, or just your reflections.

Forget your fears, just write.

Everything you write here will disappear in a week so you might as well give it a shot.

Find your seat